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Park Jae-Pyung and Park Jongbin are an artist collective based in Berlin and Seoul.
They make films with fictional, documental, and experimental aspects, as well as site-specific theatres and media installations in both public and digital spaces. Their work focuses on exploring the hidden narratives behind urban spaces in relation to their socio-political and historical contexts.
They have deep interest in the relationship between individuals and the spaces, abandonness and ruination, minority and immigrant identities, discrimination and exclusion, social marginalization, and the exploitation of non-human beings, in particular animal rights issues.
In this context, their work examines existences that are trapped in isolated spaces, including those in a video frame, an abandoned underground, an empty space in the city, a psychiatric state such as nightmare, insomnia, depression related to unconsciousness and traumatic memory, and in an apartment during natural disasters or pandemic.
Park Jongbin studied theatre directing in Seoul, and since 2019 has been studying Spatial Strategies (Raumstrategien) at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, with her master project planned for 2023.
Park Jae-Pyung studied Film, multimedia and fine art in Seoul and works as a filmmaker and video artist. They work on their own in playwriting, film and video, installation, directing, and production, sometimes collaborating with artists from various disciplines, depending on the project.

– ‘Sleepwalker’ (40min)

since 2021
‘Lost!’ series (ongoing) : Ep.1. Lost! : A day (Jongbin Park) – Ep. 2. Lost! : A joyful body (Ioannis Avakoumidis) – Ep. 3. Lost!: Say goodbye (Paul Riemann) – 귀Gwisin신 스Stu터디dyLost Ghosts (in cooperation between weißensee kunsthochschule berlin and HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin) – Lost & Found (an archival research in progress)

‘Still Life’ (6min) : Final presentation at fsk Kino, Berlin

’99th Alien’ (6min) : Kino Loop 2019 – 4th Kino Kabarett / Screening at Kino Sputnik, Berlin

‘Long Nights’ (80min) : Screening at Seoul Cinematheque, ‘New Korean Independent Movie’

‘Bird’ (1min) : The 15th Seoul Independent Film&Video Makers
‘Naked’ (6min) : Screening at Seoul Cinematheque
‘Evaporation’ (14min) : The 5th Seoul Great Short Film Festival, The 8th Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, The 7th Busan International Video Festival

‘Next day. Same time. Same place’ (9min) : The 10th Seoul international NewMedia Festival

‘Eve’ (40min) : Space Feelux, Arko Art Center, Seoul

‘Underground’ (100min) : Underground Passage, Seocho-dong, Seoul / The 50th Dong-A play award nominated

‘The Empty Space’ (80min) : 409-163, Huam-dong, Seoul

Selected Exhibition/Screening
‘Fluid Walls’, Video Installation : ‘Filme im Schaufenster’, Kino für Moabit, Berlin
‘Lost Ghosts’ , Video Screening: ‘Digitale Raumstrategien’, HAU4 digital stage

‘Mit dir’  : Open Air Installation at fabrik Potsdam, a programme of ‘Made in Potsdam’ – An Art Walk (Choreography: Golde Grunske)

‘Löcher’ (Jae-Pyung Park), Single channel video installation, color, loop; ca. 9 min : Group Exhibition ‘Urban Deluxe’ by Klasse Gallmeier, at Bark Berlin Gallery
‘Zwischenraum’ (Jongbin Park), Single channel video installation, color, loop; ca. 60 min : ‘Politik. Poetik des Raumes’, at Der Neue Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.)

‘Mit dir’  : Video Installation at T-Werk Potsdam, ‘Lange Nacht der freien Theater’ (Choreography: Golde Grunske)

– DiR Dance in Residency ‘DUOS / COLLISION AND COMBUSTION (Choreography: Michèle Murray) / ‘Stretching’ (Choreography: Liwia Bargiel) / ‘Pina, my love’ (Choreography: Bassam Abu Diab) etc.: Video Trailer (Jae-Pyung Park)

“Zur Eingewöhnung: EINZELHAFT!” (39min)  : Dance Video in collaboration with Tanzkompanie golde g. (Choreography: Golde Grunske)
‘Fluid Walls’ (35min) : Documentary Film
‘Märchen im Grand Hotel’ (Meininger Staatstheater/directed by Roland Hüve) : Video for Opera (Jae-Pyung Park)

‘Bauhaus in Bewegung’ (Tanzkompanie golde g./Choreography: Golde Grunske) : Video documentation, Trailer (Jae-Pyung Park)
‘La Rondine’ (Meininger Staatstheater/directed by Bruno Berger-Gorski): Video for Opera (Jae-Pyung Park)
‘Die Entführung aus dem Serail’ (Meininger Staatstheater/directed by Roman Hovenbitzer): Video for Opera (Jae-Pyung Park)
‘André Chénier’ (Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater/directed by Roman Hovenbitzer) : Video for Opera (Jae-Pyung Park)

Citizen Musician at Beat-Etage:  ‘Solto no Mundo’, ‘Bunda Lele’, ‘Wertvoll’, ‘Piratenbraut’

“Sara” Sechs Stolpersteine (Tanzwerkstatt Cottbus and Literaturwerkstatt Cottbus/Choreography: Golde Grunske) : Documentary Film (Jae-Pyung Park)
‘Zwischen uns?’ (Tanzkompanie golde g./Choreography: Golde Grunske) : Dance Video
‘Wege’ (Tanzwerkstatt Cottbus/Choreography: Golde Grunske) : Documentary Film (Jae-Pyung Park)

‘Ein Grenzorgan’ (Check-Off Players Beriln/directed by Beatrice Scharmann) : Trailer for Theater
‘Mit dir’ (Tanzkompanie golde g./Choreography: Golde Grunske) : Dance Video

– ‘Mock Courtroom’ (1, Hyehwa-dong in Seoul) : Video Design for Theater

– ‘The Garden of Childhood’ (Hyehwa-dong Nr.1 in Seoul) : Video Design for Theater
– ‘Falling For Eve’ (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul) : Video Design for Musical
– ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song’ (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul) : Video Design for Musical

Open Studio
– ‘Next day. Same time. Same place’ (175-35, Anguk-dong, Seoul)
: drawing, painting, photography, and video installation

Jae-pyung Park
2019/2020 (WS) Guest student at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), Klasse Gallmeier, Berlin, Germany
2008  Sungkyunkwan University Film, Television and Multimedia(1st major) / Fine Art(2nd major) B.A (Seoul, Korea)

Jong-bin Park
since 2019 has been studying the Master of Arts Raumstrategien at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Germany
2009  Chung-Ang University Department of Theater (Directing for theater) B.A (Seoul, Korea)

Fellowships, Residencies, Grants
– Stibet Abschlussstipendium (Jongbin Park)

– Mart Stam Stipendium / Deutschland Stipendium (Jongbin Park)
– DAAD – Studienabschlusshilfe Stipendium (Jongbin Park)

– Art Council Korea, ARKO Young Art Frontier, department of interdisciplinary art (Jongbin Park)
– Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Art support program for department of interdisciplinary art (Jae-Pyung Park)

– Alternative Space Bandi, Video Artist Residency, Busan, Korea