‘Lost Spaces’ – Practice for Digital Theatre

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In our works there are the figures thrown into extreme situations. They are trapped in a space, for example in a video frame, an abandoned underground, an empty space in the city, a nightmare, between life and death, and in an apartment isolated by a natural disaster.
This isolation takes place not only in fiction but also in our real world, in particular world wide Covid-19 pandemic. We are trying to develop a digital theater project as an alternative means to replace offline art events and activities.
In the project titled “Lost Spaces”, we would like to address the social phenomena we have been facing since the Corona Crisis, the conflicts and fears that arise from it, the structural problems within society and the upcoming New Normal through dystopian imagination.
For this we plan to record the objects, spaces and also people of the city in different ways as well as film, 3D scanning, etc. and the process can be carried out as part of the urban identity research that constitutes this society.
It could be not only an attempt of the art movement to develop a new spatiality in the age of digital exile, but also an attempt to find a new social solidarity through art.
The project will consist of a series of series documenting and archiving the narratives of individuals and spaces.

A city is a space with many layers of time, memories and stories. In another dimension of an actual space that we can see, visit and touch, there may be other times and spaces that we cannot see, visit and touch.
The city is changing so fast that the time and the memory of the individual are always lost. Especially in Corona conditions, you can also lose your own physical spaces. In this context, we plan to explore the lost spaces by interviewing some people under different situations to see how a place changes or loses itself in their memories and in their lives.

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