Lost! @ lost.theater (ongoing / last updated: 03.2022)

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Lost! : How to remember, mourn and commemorate the loss of the individuals.

The ongoing long-term project “Lost!” is about an archive of collective memory assembled through theatrical and cinematic methods in digital space. A variable theatre that moves from place to place is installed in the private spaces of different people and consists of a series of episodes with a documentary approach. Each episode is independent and runs from one minute to several days. The audience can also watch the piece via live streaming.
Through the act of evoking memories, the physical space can be connected to or extended into another space in a fictional, metaphorical way.

For more information : https://www.instagram.com/lost.theater/

Loss is sometimes tremendously painful. In the previous episodes, we dealt with loss of time, youth, joy, and friends. But does loss have only sadness, pain, trauma, and negativity that is hard to get out of? Can’t we find another positivity in it? In this point of view, we can reconsider the direction of this project. In other words, it is to discover the possibility that loss can be a kind of something ‘Find’.
We want to find something when we lose it. As you walk along the street, you can find flyers that look for lost objects, animals, and people. We also go to the Lost and Found office. When we however realise that we can’t find what we’ve lost, or when we’ve been through someone’s death, therefore we have to accept the fact well. We often hold a ceremony to commemorate it or find a way to heal from loss.
Not necessarily everything is, but this phenomenon of loss can be interpreted from a relative point of view. We lost but found it at the same time. Or someone else may find what we have lost.
In this aspect, loss is not just emptiness, disappearance, and separation, but more another possibilities and aspects in present/future overlap with absence which disappears to the past. In our project ‘Lost!,’ we regard this not only as a kind of heritage but also as an affectionate connection to death or loss.
In our view, the ‘Lost!’ project has similarities with the attributes of these rituals. The journey in this project is the process of discovery of the ‘found,’ which begins with the ‘lost’.
We speak to it through the magical moment of confronting disappearance and loss, and through the performative ritual we embrace the complex feelings associated with loss, reconcile with it, and send it back into another world. The attempt at remembrance is itself monumental to the individual’s history.
During the project as a digital archive will be on going, we also have a plan to make the performative commemorative ritual in physical space that intertwines the losses we will have dealt with in whole episodes.

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