Lost! (ongoing)

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Lost! : How to remember, mourn and commemorate the loss of the individual.

The ongoing long-term project “Lost!” is about an archive of collective memory assembled through theatrical methods in digital space. A variable theatre that moves from place to place is installed in the private spaces of different people and consists of a series of episodes with a documentary approach. Each episode is independent and runs from one minute to several days. The audience can also watch the piece via live streaming.
Through the act of evoking memories, the physical space can be connected to or extended into another space in a fictional, metaphorical way.

For more information : https://www.instagram.com/lost.theater/

Episode 1.

Lost! : A day (Jongbin Park)

performance via live streaming : July 11 2021 on Zoom webinar (scene 1 : 8:26am / scene 2 : 10:17am / scene 3 : 1:33pm / scene 4 : 4:01pm / scene 5 : 7:54pm / scene 6 : 11:29pm / scene 7 : 0:55am)

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