Mit dir



‘Mit dir’

2016 / Dance Film / 5min 13sec

Mit dir (2016) from DVOXAC on Vimeo.

a duet of togetherness
With you in ease and intimacy, in the struggle between give and take, between tightness and space, between happiness and despair, holding on and letting go.
The duet “Mit dir (With you)“ tells of the love between two people as a great feeling that life is alive, mastered, fulfilled, limited and filled with ease.
It also tells of the constant struggle with oneself and one’s partner, of give and take and happiness and despair. The duet tells of the miracle of love.

Production: Tanzkompanie golde g.
Choreography: Golde Grunske
Dance: Golde Grunske, Ioannis Avakoumidis
Music: Jimmy Sert
Video: DVOXAC (Jae-Pyung Park, Jongbin Park)

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