Still Life

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Still Life (2020) 

Single channel video installation, color & bw, loop; ca. 5 min

concept, camera, editing: Jongbin Park, Jae-Pyung Park 

The video represents an isolated existence and a new landscape under corona conditions. It is made up of two parts;

1. this summer semester in Raumstrategien I made a collective video work ‘Still Life”, i.e. Hannah, Ats, Sophia and Amanda sent me their own videos or artworks and I interpreted them spatially by projecting the films in my apartment. 

Footage: Jongbin Park, ‘balloon’ / Hannah Santana, ‘patience’ / Hannah Santana, ‘8’ / Hannah Santana, ‘corona’ / Jongbin Park, ‘BLM at Alexander Platz’, ‘Defekt’ / Amanda M Priebe, ‘Francesca’s Tomato’ / Amanda M Priebe, ‘April 28 KrummeLanke’ / Sophia Vogelsberg, ‘soda’ / Sophia Vogelsberg, ‘carwash’ / Ats Parve, ‘IMG_5536’ / Hannah Santana, ‘Zeit / Hannah Santana, ‘Wahrheit’ / Ats Parve, ‘IMG_5681’

2. shadows in a dream (music: Valse Triste from “Alphaville” by Paul Misraki)

Final presentation of seminar “Spazieren Gehen” (Dozentin: Daniela Kinateder) at fsk Kino Berlin

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